WordPress editor jumps on attempt to enter characters – Fixed

By YuwebDesign

Problem Description

This insanely irritating text editor problem
mostly happens on longer posts:

  1. when typing and editing,
  2. the cursor suddenly would jump higher than the editing window,
  3. meaning you can no longer see what you are typing.

You can confirm that the cursor in that location by scrolling up,
but if you try editing any text it would jump up again,
making it impossible to see the line you are working on.

Problem Origin
  1. WP changed its default settings to accommodate mobile screens and tablets
  2. dumbing down the interface
  3. and slaving the scroll bar and mouse wheel
    to the post as a whole,
  4. instead of assigning functions
    depending on the location of the cursor.
  1. click on “SCREEN OPTIONS” button
    at the top right of the WP screen while editing a post.
  2. A settings menu will drop down
  3. At the bottom of drop-down
    uncheck the checkbox “Enable full-height editor and distraction-free functionality”

Not only should that solve the jumping problem,
but if you work on a desktop it will give you back
scroll-wheel control of the editing window
when the cursor is in that space,
instead of defaulting to scroll the whole page.

The scroll wheel will still move the whole page
when you move the cursor outside the editing window.

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