IntelliJ and Eclipse Windows/Mac Shortcuts

By YuwebDesign

Windows/Mac IntelliJ Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

IntelliJ Eclipse
Windows Mac Windows Mac
open a list of all major IDE shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+L
comment the block of selected code Ctrl+/
auto format code in current document Ctrl+Shift+F
System.out.println shortcut sout Ctrl+j sysout Ctrl+Space
surround a block of selected text with System.out.println sout Ctrl+j
  1. select text
  2. Ctrl+Space
  3. print sysout and hit enter
Create new alt + insert ctrl + n
alt + enter alt + enter
alt + return alt + return
Run JUnit Test ctrl + shift + F10 ctrl + shift + F10
Show what parameters a method can take ctrl + p cmd + p
Show JavaDoc help file information for a method ctrl + q ctrl + j
See the source ctrl + click on the method to see the source
Import all classes automatically ctrl+shift+O

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