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CLIENT: Siberian Treasures

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Siberian Treasures is an Art Salon and Souvenir Store founded by Russian artist Natalia Almazova. Natalia showcases her own artworks and works
of other recognized Russian artists such as Anastasia Korniyenko, Vladimir Petrov and many others.

Visual Identity Design included naming of the Art Salon, creating a Logo, designing and coding of a Web Site, writing a descriptive content.
The clients of the Art Salon mostly are art lovers and tourists, so the content had to be translated into three languages: English,
German, and Russian.

”Yulia, I like everything.

Every detail is working in a harmony, that is exactly the look and feel I needed. I think the Web Site was a good idea to tell the world
about my business, my clientele is constantly growing. Thank you very much for your work.“

– Natalia Almazova, artist and art salon owner

Siberian Treasures Web Site