Glenn Doman Reading Flash Game

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Reading Game is based on a famous Glenn Doman early years teaching methodology for reading
that uses right brain learning capabilities.

According to Glenn Doman children can easily develop reading skills even before they
learned how to speak.

Game Logic

  1. Children are presented with the alphabet and have to choose a letter.
  2. Next is a slideshow of 5 flashcards containing the pictures and letter-descriptions of
    words beginning with that letter.
  3. The presented letter is emphasized in color from all other letters in a word.
  4. The arrow is pointing the direction of reading to prevent dyslexia.
  5. At the game stage children make the decisions about identifying the word-descriptions with
    the proper objects.
  6. Child scores from each correct answer.
  7. Each letter session ends after 5 correct answers and can be repeated many times.