Siberian Treasures Art Salon Web Site Design and Development

Siberian Treasures is an Art Salon founded by Russian artist Natalia Almazova.
Natalia showcases her own artworks and works of other
recognized Russian artists.

Visual Identity Design included naming of the Art Salon, creating a Logo,
designing and coding of a Web Site, writing a descriptive content
in three languages: English, German, and Russian.

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Siberian Treasures Art Salon Logo Design

”Yulia, I like everything.

Every detail is working in a harmony, that is exactly the look and feel I needed.
I think the Web Site was a good idea to tell the world
about my business, my clientele is constantly growing. Thank you very much for your work."

– Natalia Almazova, artist and art salon owner

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Kevin Milligan Gallery Web Site Design

”Hi Yulia, the new designs are excellent!

It is a joy to see the new style, we have been overdue for such a fresh
start that is more representitive of todays look.

Your creative design work has given our Art Gallery business a fresh,
bold and stylish new look. You are a very talented designer that is able
to transform the customers needs into beautiful designs.“

– Kevin Milligan, artist and gallery owner

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Russian USA Web Site

Russian USA is a web site for independent travelers. It features a list of travelling
recommendations and attractions, along with their photos. Each description is spiced up
with personal stories, emotions and recommendations.

Visual Identity Design included creating a logo and UI design, copy writing, and further
implementation and support of the Web site.

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Toy Room Recordings Logo Design

ToyRoom are independent audio engineers, recordists, editors, writers, and “media and recording
studio types” who want to provide you with thought-provoking recordings of cultural and social
significance you simply won’t find in the mass corporate media.

ToyRoom also strive in the near future to make available the finest recorded nature sounds!

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Teresa Drake Web Site Design

Teresa Drake is a public speaker who has a passion for moms raising young children amid a cyclone of demanding circumstances.

With honesty, transparency and a little humor, Teresa offers moms a fresh perspective and equips them to make positive choices
and changes.

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Diablo Valley College Drama Logo Design

Design of a visual icon that would represent the DVC Drama Department and be consistent with DVC style, look, and feel.

DVC Drama Department is dedicated to creating avenues for aspiring theatre professionals to explore and hone their skills and talents, while sharing their passion for live theatre through programs that entertain, engage and inspire the community.

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Diablo Valley College Drama Web Site

DVC Drama is an East Bay educational theatre company that provides wonderful, live theatrical events.

Visual Identity Design included creating a Web site UI to keep the production, audiences, donors, alumni, and auditioners up to date and informed of current season offerings and production needs.

A clean, modern, easy to navigate dynamic design was the goal for DVC Drama.

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Educational Reading Game

Reading Game is based on a famous Glenn Doman early years teaching methodology for reading
that uses right brain learning capabilities.

According to Glenn Doman children can easily develop reading skills even before they
learned how to speak.

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YuWebdes!gn – Creative Portfolio

Dynamic WordPress-based online portfolio featuring a custom-designed WordPress theme with clean and elegant design, CSS 3 and HTML 5, no necessary Java Script or overwhelming visual effects.

The footer line here is that we – des!gners – are here to take these silly random letters and turn them into elegant and effective lines of code.

Yes, code should be beautiful too!

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YuWebdes!gn – Creative Portfolio

Clean, simple, elegant, straight to the point, and outside the box logo design.

We – des!gners – are here to make your dreams come true, no matter how impossible the task.

And by the way, who said that fish can’t fly?!

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