Hello World!

Yu is me – Yulia Tarima,  Web  Designer
and Developer,  living in San Francisco
Bay  Area. I am very passionate  about
creating  clean,  beautiful and elegant
CSS3 HTML5 Websites. Visitor Experience is a centerpiece of my Web design work; Accessibility,
Usability  and  SEO
are my main goals
in Web Site  design.

My motto

Art and Science of the Web Site Design is a combination of Intelligence, Creativity and Professionalism. Your Web site is a key that opens the doors for your business and only the experienced professional should take care of what is behind these doors.

My strengths

My goal is perfection, which won’t let
me stop polishing  every  detail; until 
I enjoy the result.

I put my heart and soul
into my  work and I be-
nefit  from  working  in
a team. Learning  from
my   team-mates  gives
me the motivation and
inspiration   to   create.

Every  new  challenge  is  a   precious
gift   that  helps   me to  gain a  new
range  of  capabilities and master the
skills  I  already  possess.  Please,  visit
my portfolio  to learn more about my work  or  contact me if you have any questions.